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Y4 Volcano

Friday 6th March | 1 comment

In Science, English and geography we have been learning about volcanoes, rocks and volcanic eruptions.  We made a Volcano erupt using household products.  Washing up liquid, water, bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar. Watch it erupt! Erupting volcano!  

Y4 Virtual Reality Vikings

Friday 6th March | No comments yet

In Year 4 we are learning about Vikings in History.  As part of our learning we had the opportunity to see how it was being a Viking using Virtual reality.

Y3 visit to the Railway Museum

Friday 6th March | No comments yet

Year 3 have been on their trip to the York National Railway Museum to learn all about the chronology of trains and how they work. We explored how trains have changed over time and looked inside some of the carriages that have been used by Read more…

Y4 Persuasive writing

Wednesday 15th January | No comments yet

As part of our persuasive writing in English, Year 4 children held a debate to persuade others to agree with our side of an argument.  We used emotive language and rhetorical questions to add depth to our arguments.

Y4 Photosynthesis

Wednesday 15th January | No comments yet

In science, Year 4 have been exploring how photosynthesis occurs in the leaves of green plants and how water is transported through a plant by the xylem tubes in the stem.  We designed a poster to explain this process to younger children.

Doncaster 100 Reads

Thursday 24th October | No comments yet

As part of the Doncaster Stories project, we have been busy nominating our favourite books for 100 Reads. We’re looking forward to seeing the published list once the votes are counted.

Flowering plants

Monday 21st October | No comments yet

In Science, in Year 3, we have been learning about plants and labelling the parts of a flower. We dissected a Lily and here you can see some of our final presentations from our investigation.

How many have you read?

Wednesday 16th October | No comments yet

How many of the 50 recommended reads have you read? Year 3 book list Year 4 book list

‘Mud Puddle’

Tuesday 15th October | No comments yet

Year 4 have used ‘Mud puddle’ by M. C. Escher and The Secret Seven as inspiration for their own mud puddle painting with mysterious forest reflection. They have used a range of sketching techniques including shading, tone, cross hatching, lines for definition and stippling and Read more…

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