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Y6 magnets

Tuesday 14th January | No comments yet

Year 6 have been experimenting with magnets, even creating their own metallic objects and their knowledge of magnetism. They used a range of materials to test their metallic objects.

Y6 homework presentations

Tuesday 14th January | No comments yet

Liam from Year 6 created a presentation at home to explain what he had learnt about the Victorians. Well done Liam!

Who Let The Gods Out?

Wednesday 8th January | No comments yet

This term Year 6 are reading Who Let The Gods Out? To launch their new core text they had hot chocolate, learnt about constellations and how to star gaze. They had a fabulous time.

Net Aware

Monday 6th January | No comments yet

Net Aware now includes more tips and advice from O2 and NSPCC experts on the social networks, apps and games your kids are using. It also features news stories which cover the latest trends and most pressing issues facing kids online, helping you stay on Read more…

Year 6 Materials

Thursday 2nd January | No comments yet

Year 6 designed their own investigation relating to properties of materials. They were given four choices for their lines of inquiry: solubility, magnetism, conductivity and hardness. Then they investigated…..

Year 6 cross sections of angles

Sunday 22nd December | No comments yet

Year 6 created cross sections of angles using masking tape. They then looked at vertically opposite angles and known facts to calculate them. Year 6 also measured angles using protractors.

Investigating separating solids

Friday 15th November | No comments yet

Year 6 investigated separating solids, creating their own sieves and collaborating in their groups.

The Explorer

Friday 15th November | No comments yet

To start our book ‘The Explorer’ Year 6 were left stranded and had to take part in a variety of survival situations, collaborating to succeed.

Mental Health

Thursday 14th November | No comments yet

Year 6 have took part in a range of mental health activities, looking at managing stress, strategies for feeling better and how to control emotions. Much of this was done through physical activities including yoga.

Y6 Poppies

Wednesday 6th November | No comments yet

Year 6 created purple Poppies as part of their ‘Remembrance Day’ work. To paint their Poppies they used painting skills and colour knowledge that they had learnt last half term. These Poppies will be added to our school display.

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