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Multiplication challenge

Friday 20th September | No comments yet

Year 6 had to model long multiplication being completed with counters. They had to spot the mistakes that were being made and be able to justify why.

Y6 visit the library

Wednesday 18th September | No comments yet

The children in Year 6 are visiting Balby Community Library every fortnight to learn what the library service offers. They are able to browse through books, choose a book that they can take home and read and share any good recommendations with their friends.

The heart and circulatory system

Saturday 14th September | No comments yet

Y6 have been learning about the heart and circulatory system. The children created visual representations of the circulatory system and then presented an explanation to the rest of their class.

Y6 harvesting the crops

Friday 13th September | No comments yet

Year 6 helped Miss Brentnall to harvest and tidy the garden area; they harvested lots of tasty vegetables and removed all of the weeds

Y6 Heart investigation

Thursday 12th September | No comments yet

Year 6 created their own working hearts using recycled jars, a balloon, a straw and, the most important ingredient, BLOOD! We saw how pressure and suction enabled the blood to be transported out of a chamber and along one of our ‘arteries’.

Granny book launch

Thursday 5th September | No comments yet

Year 6 have really enjoyed their book launch for Granny by Antony Horowitz. They have done lots of activities including learning how to knit, playing bingo (with Roman Numerals) and baking scones.

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