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Reception Team: Mrs Lakin, Mr Smith, Miss Johnson, Miss Riley, Miss Atkin and Mrs Kaur.  

In Early Years Foundation Stage we plan our curriculum to help develop the whole child and prepare them for their future.

At Balby Central Primary Academy we deliver the Early Year’s Foundation Stage Curriculum.  We plan activities for all areas of the curriculum.  The curriculum is divided into 7 areas of learning.   

 These are the prime areas of learning: 

  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development  


       Managing Self

       Building Relationships

  • Communication and Language 

       Listening, Attention and Understanding 


  • Physical Development 

        Gross Motor Skills

        Fine Motor Skills 

 And the specific areas of learning: 

  • Literacy 


       Word Reading 


  • Mathematics 


       Numerical Pattern

  • Understanding the Word 

       Past and Present 

       People, Culture and Communities     

       The Natural World

  • Expressive Arts and Design 

       Creating with Materials

       Being Imaginative and Expressive  

We also focus on the Characteristics of Effective Learning: 

  • Playing and Exploring 
  • Active Learning 
  • Creating and Thinking Critically  

Adults will encourage children to use the characteristics of effective learning providing opportunities in all areas.  

Children will not only be praised for results and outcomes but for the process and attitude towards an activity.  

In Early Years we focus on being Ready, Respectful and Safe. We aim for children to develop a good understanding of what these behaviours look like and how they can demonstarte them.  

In Reception children get time to independently explore the classroom and outside environment alongside adult guided sessions.  We follow Read, Write, Inc for phonics, reading and writing and Maths Mastery for our maths sessions. We also have a daily maths meeting. 

Each week we have a story time focus text.  The texts we study can be seen in the table below - 




Autumn 1 

The Gingerbread Man  

Rainbow Fish  

Owl Babies   

The Three Little Pigs   

Little Red Riding Hood  

The Tiger Who Came to Tea   

Goldilocks and the Three Bears   



Autumn 2 

Bear Hunt  

Stick Man  

Great Fire of London story  

Six Dinner Sid  

Jolly Christmas Postman  

Oi! Get off our Train   

Christmas Story   


Spring 1 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears  

The Smartest Giant in Town  

Lost and Found  

The Darkest Dark   

Here Comes Jack Frost  

Winter’s Child  




Spring 2 

Farmer Duck  

Squash and a squeeze 

What the Ladybird Heard  


Mad about Minibeasts   


Summer 1 

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff  


The Dragon who Swallowed a Knight  

Sir Laughalot  


The Princess and the Wizard  

Duck in the Truck   


Summer 2 

The Gruffalo  

The Ugly Duckling  

Billy’s Bucket  

Where the Wild Things Are  

The Storm Whale  

Fantastic Elastic Brain  


Recap favourite books 


A few helpful reminders: 

  • On Monday's, we have indoor and outdoor PE (children to come to school in PE kit.)
  • On Fridays,  books must be brought into school and the children will swap them for another. 
  • We will be outside in all weather.  Please ensure you have appropriate clothes and shoes and rememebr that your child is likely to get dirty at times. 

To help your child learn, you could:

  • Talk to them about their school day
  • Share the book they bring home from school with them
  • Provide opportunities for your child to use skills in real life situations such as writing their name on a card, writing a shopping list or paying and getting the change 
  • Completing any work sent home
  • Complete the activities set on Maths with Parents and Gooseberry Planet, together.
  • Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can

Keep an eye on here for weekly class updates, celebrations and news.

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