Year 3 2021 - 2022

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Year 3 Team: Mrs Hogarty, Mrs Drake, Mrs Power and  Miss Pemberton 

Year 3 Curriculum: 


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Book Study

Flat Stanley

Stone Age Boy

Esio Trot

Railway Children

The Captive Celt

Operation Gadgetman


Flat Stanley project

Artefact – what clues can you find?

Code breaking – what does it say?

Trip to the Railway Museum

Artefact sort

Junk box modelling challenge


 Plants Different parts have different functions. What plants need to grow healthily. Variation between plants. Pollination

Rocks and soils Comparing and group rocks The structure of the earth Where rocks come from. Recognise soils are made from rock.


 Life processes Classifying animals

Magnets Attract and repel Poles Materials that are magnetic


Electricity Circuits

Conductors and insulators

Sources of light; shadows & reflections



Stone age to Iron age What is prehistoric Britain like?

Early farming and hunter-gatherers

Chronology and communicating historically. Describe how locality has changed over time and how homes have changed.

Timeline of technology Study of Sir Nigel Gresley

A local history study

The Roman Empire – Timeline Domestic life



Reliability of sources.



Locating rivers and seas. Water cycle. Features of rivers and coasts. Locate world’s countries, focussing on Europe & Americas focus on key physical & human features

Settlements – locations etc.



Comparing modern maps with Roman empire maps.

Discrete: Study a region of the UK

Art or DT

Tones and tints Still life drawing

Charcoal drawings

Design an iron age home using clay.

Design purposeful, functional & appealing products. Generate, model & communicate ideas Use range of tools & materials to complete practical tasks  Evaluate existing products & own ideas Build and improve structure & mechanisms

Building a train carriage

Design and making

Roman mosaic Portrait of Boudicca


Create Roman shields.

Construction and Materials

Joining materials, strengthening materials, selecting, measuring and marking materials.


Connecting computers


Desktop publishing

Branching databases

Programming A- Sequence in music

Programming B- Events and actions


Charanga – three little birds

Christmas performance songs.

Rhythm and pulse

Charanga - Benjamin Britain – there was a monkey

Sing with accurate pitch. Play notes on an instrument with care Evaluate music Discuss mood and feeling of a song.

Singing  Charanga Let your spirit fly

Jigsaw/Thrive/ RE

See agreed scheme

See agreed scheme

See agreed scheme

See agreed scheme

See agreed scheme

See agreed scheme

Landing Point

Plotting where FS has been.

Settlement show – would you settle her?

(parents in)

Houses for sale – who can sell the best house?

Presentation – how trains have changed.

Roman Art Gallery

(parents in)

Model sharing with a different year group – voting for the best.


A few helpful reminders

  • On Thursday's, we have indoor and outdoor PE (children to come to school in PE kit.)
  • On Fridays,  books must be brought into school and the children will swap them for another. 

To help your child learn, you could:

  • Talk to them about their school day
  • Listen to them read at least three times per week
  •  Practise times tables regularly
  • Ensure PE kit is in school everyday
  • Complete the activities set on Maths with Parents and Gooseberry Planet, together.

Keep an eye on here for weekly class updates, celebrations and news.

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