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Leader of Art Miss Shaw

At Balby Central Primary Academy we show creativity like artists.

At Balby Central Primary Academy we produce creative pieces whilst exploring ideas. We draw, paint, sculpt and explore using many materials and evaluate which materials are best for the task. We look at and evaluate art pieces and recreate something similar. We enjoy learning about a range of artists from history and those who are still alive today - we look at the skills they used to create their work, practise those skills and then apply them to a final piece of work.

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Art is a skills-based subject and at Balby Central we appreciate how important it is for all children to access something they can achieve in. There are occasions where some children succeed and excel in the creative curriculum areas rather than the academics of English and Maths. We recognise this success as equal - every child in our school achieves and succeeds in one or more areas, so we create opportunities for those children - who are gifted artists - to feel pride in thier art work.  We compare and contrast artwork and display with pride the completed work by the children in our school. We encourage children to develop thier skills as follows: 


Art and Design Intent Statement

At Balby Central Primary Academy, all of our teaching and learning builds on our core values.

We recognise the importance Art in every aspect of daily life; we encourage children to be inquisitive and creative throughout their time at our school and beyond. 

The Art curriculum fosters:

  • creativity, innovation, imagination, confidence and resilience, skills that are transferable to every other subject on the school curriculum
  • enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment for creative work in a wide variety of medium
  • respect for inspirational greats and the way that Art has shaped and reflects our culture and environment
  • opportunities for the critical evaluation of Art 

We believe that Art encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes.

Our Art curriculum :

  • Is knowledge and vocabulary rich
  • ensures children gain a deep understanding of fundamental artistic knowledge
  • embeds key artistic specific vocabulary and terminology (Tier 3 vocabulary)
  • facilitates children not only to become knowledgeable in artistic skills but to become artists themselves

In Early Years, Art  is taught through Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  The children learn about the Artistic world around them in their play and adult led activities. 

 Children are encouraged to be artists by:

  • Noticing and commenting on Art around them and inspirational greats
  • Exploring different materials freely, in order to develop their own ideas,
  • Safely using a variety of tools and techniques
  • Developing their own ideas and then deciding which materials to use to express them
  • Creating closed shapes with continuous lines and begin to use these shapes to represent familiar objects and people  bb.jpg
  • Experimenting with colour, design, texture and form to draw with increased complexity and detail
  • Representing ideas like movement and loud noises in their drawing
  • Showing different emotions in their drawing and paintings like happiness, sadness, fear etc
  • Exploring colour and colour mixing
  • Creating collaboratively, sharing ideas and resources
  • Sharing their creations, explaining the materials and processes they have used and key features in their work
  • Returning to and building on their previous learning, refining their ideas and developing their ability to represent them


How do we teach Art?

We use CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) to deliver our Art curriculum. 

From CUSP, teachers plan and deliver lessons based on core skills and knowlege, practise of the new skills and application of how to use the skills in different contexts. 

To aid their knowledge, basic facts will be given to the children at the beginning of a topic and used throughout - this is called a knowledge organiser. A knowledge note will be used each lesson to aid each children with the facts they need for that lesson and the focus will be on learning those facts and applying them. Each teacher will assess how well a topic or skill has been learned and applied and differentiated lessons will be planned accordingly. Please see your child's class teacher should you require more information about the Art curriculum your child is following. 

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