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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage at Balby Central Primary

We provide our children with the strongest possible start on their school journey and aim to make sure every child is the best they can be!  We want children to learn, explore, discover and have fun in an environment where they feel safe, secure and happy. 

Our knowledge is devised from our half termly topic which are as follows: 

     autumn.jpg             winter.jpg              spring.jpg           space.jpg    summer.jpgall about me.jpg

All About Me...         Celebrations and autumn...       Into the woods and winter...       Growing, lifecycles and spring...     Let's build and space...  Holidays and summer...


We are the foundation of knowledge for every subject in school. We equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to have a positive and successful life in school.


We love to learn!

Our Provision

Our learning environments allow us to develop and embed the skills we learn in different areas and ways.  Open ended resources develop imagination and perseverence as children create, develop ideas and collaborate to extend ideas and skills.  Our provision provides opportunities in all areas of our curriculum and follows the interests of our children - their own ideas sparks some of the best learning!

                                      Provision 1.jpg

Our curriculum drivers 

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor adventures.jpg                 

We love to learn outside!   The fresh air and natural world around us develop our sense of adventure, investigative skills and desire to explore! 

In Early Years we love to be outside. On a Friday we get to spend the whole day outside! We investigate, explore and collaborate with our friends to develop and learn new skills and knowledge. We look out for seasonal changes, use our scientific skills to pose and answer questions and enjoy the positivity the great outdoors has on our mental health and wellbeing.  

hedgehog.jpgoutdoor word cloud.jpgcampfire.jpg


Independence and Real-Life Experiences 

We do things for ourselves!  We look after our own belongings, hang up our coats and get our things ready.  Looking after our resources and environment is an important skill we learn. 

Growing, cutting and cooking our own food and making our own playdough are some on the skills we develop.


A Love of Reading 

We love to read!  Book are everywhere in our provision inside and out.  Once we have read a story we love to use the characters and different props to retell it using all the new vocabulary we have learned.  



We follow the RWI phonics scheme and love to learn our sounds, blending and how to read and write.  We love Fred the Frog! Phonics is taught daily in EYFS starting children on a journey to become a reader for life.  

This is the first set of sounds we will learn:               This is the second set of sounds we will learn:

         Set 1 sounds.jpg                                          set 2 sounds(1).jpg


Once we know our sounds we blend to read words, sentences and then books all by ourselves in school and at home...

ditty.jpg                 red book.jpg            book bag books.jpg


Parental Engagement

It is important to us that parents and carers are involved and can support their children at home.  Our Inclusion Team and EYFS Staff run a selection of sessions throughout the year.

              family picture complete.jpg














Watch our EYFS Video in the links below to see us in action. 

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