Leader of Geography Miss Wales 

At Balby Central Primary Academy we explore like geographers.

We use many investigative and research skills to find out and consider how the world became what it is around us. We look at our locality and that of contrasting places and look for similarities and differences. We look at how the world is and deepen our knowledge to understand why it is that way and what may have caused the land to be as it is. Our knowledge is applied on field trips and through links to similar topics. 

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Geography is a knowledge based subject and at Balby Central we use that knowledge and apply it as best we can to other topics. We want children to know about the world and gain a new understanding of how it came to be. We teach children to consider and appreciate the locality that they live in and look at it's features in detail. We question the land around us, natural and man-made features, rivers and rock formations, neighbouring towns and cities and consider carefully how they were formed. We compare and contrast to other countries, towns and cities around the world. We encourage children to appreciate the world around them in the following ways: 


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Geography Intent Statement



How do we teach Geography?

We use CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) to deliver our Geography curriculum. 

From this, teachers plan and deliver lessons based on core skills and knowlege, practise of the new skills and application of how to use the skills in different contexts. 

To aid their knowledge, basic facts will be given to the children at the beginning of a topic and used throughout - this is called a knowledge organiser. A knowledge note will be used each lesson to aid each children with the facts they need for that lesson and the focus will be on learning those facts and applying them. Each teacher will assess how well a topic or skill has been learned and applied and differentiated lessons will be planned accordingly. Please see your child's class teacher should you require more information about the Geography curriculum your child is following. 






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