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Leader of Modern Foreign Language - French - Mr Short

At Balby Central Primary Academy we are linguists.

As the UK is becoming an increasingly multicultural society, we have a duty to provide our children with an understanding of other cultures and languages. At Balby Central Primary Academy we believe strongly in the benefit of this and therefore all KS2 children have French lessons weekly. Learning a language enriches the curriculum, providing excitement, enjoyment and challenge for children and teachers, helping to create enthusiastic learners and to develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life. The natural links between languages and other areas of the curriculum can enhance the overall teaching and learning experience.  



French Intent Statement

At Balby Central Primary Academy, all of our teaching and learning builds on our core values.

We recognise the importance of MFL in every aspect of daily life; we encourage children to be inquisitive      throughout their time at our school and beyond. 

The French curriculum fosters:

  • An interest in to different cultures and ways of life
  • encourages respect and a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures
  • provides opportunities for children to develop confidence in speaking whilst improving their listening, concentration and critical thinking skills, all of which are improved through language learning.
  • A knowledge based curriculum with skills development.


We focus on high-quality development of children as linguists.


Our French curriculum is:

  • Knowledge based with skills development
  • ensuring children gain a deep understanding of fundamental knowledge
  • embedding key French vocabulary and terminology
  • A knowledge based curriculum with skills development.


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How do we teach French?

The aims and objectives of teaching French in our school are those of the National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in England 2014. At Balby Central Primary Academy, we use the Cusp French Curriculum as our scheme of work. French lessons at Balby Central Primary Academy encourage learning new French vocabulary, mastering French phonics, teaching French grammar, asking and answering questions, using bilingual dictionaries, recognising spelling patterns, playing games, learning songs, writing phrases and sentences, finding out about French customs and culture and learning about other countries that speak French. The Cusp curriculum allows children of all needs and abilities to access their work and make good progress 



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