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At Balby Central we recognise the importance Physical Education has in the development of every child. We aim to provide our children with opportunities and experiences to ‘be the best they can be’. We have recently launched our ‘SHAPE’ provision to have ‘Safe, Happy, Active, People, Everywhere’, both in and out of school.  

At the heart of our Physical Education offer, are the children; they are at the centre of everything we put in place. We equip them with the skills and knowledge that they need in order to lead an active, healthy lifestyle whilst building character and embedding values such as fairness and respect. Through our Physical Education curriculum, pupils learn to develop their physical, social, creative and personal skills driven by high quality teaching, leading and competing.  

To achieve this, we also support our local community by working alongside businesses who provide sports and physical activities to children in the area in order to instil a passion and drive for sport. Annually, we hold a whole- school Sports Day at the Doncaster Athletics Track. This professional environment raises the profile of sport at Balby Central and promotes high aspirations for children who may want to endeavour in a sporting career. We intend to provide extra-curricular activities for all children in school, and encourage children to attend the clubs ran by both school staff and outside providers. We have built relationships with the following clubs who we value as members of our school community- KIXX, ACMAC, Doncaster Athletics Club, Doncaster Rovers, Club Doncaster, JR Sports Stars, Northern Ballet and Clancy Briggs Cycling.   

During each half term, we provide high quality CPD for staff across school to support the delivery of PE. Staff follow a whole school scheme of work which offers a broad range of progressive sports, focusing on developing the ‘whole child’.   

At lunchtime, we have introduced ‘zones of play’ to encourage children to be active and transfer the skills that they have learnt in PE into game situations with their peers.  Pupil Voice play a part in suggesting ideas to enhance their lunchtime activities and also research different equipment and resources which interest them and their peers.  

Opportunities to look forward to this year in partnership with external organisations: 

Rugby League World Cup, where we will be representing France,

The Olympics,  

The Euros, 

Northern Ballet Spotted Programme,

Our annual Sports Day at Doncaster Athletics Track.  

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