SEND Remote Education

Dear Parents / Carers,

With this current national lockdown, we want to ensure that your child is able to access as much of the curriculum as possible.

We have put together some useful resources to support you and your child in addition to the live zoom lessons each day and class remote education learning packs.

There are packs for Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 and are designed for you to work through with your child or for your child to work on at their own pace. They contain useful help sheets to support you. It is better if your child uses the materials little and often, as repetition is important.

In addition, the paper copies of these packs are available every 2 weeks from school and include resources to support your child. In addition, Mrs Parkin will host a live meeting for each group weekly to look at some of the key skills contained in the packs. An email with the zoom link will be sent out to you and this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your child’s learning.

These are Years 1 and 2 Monday at 1.30pm; Years 3 and 4 Wednesday at 1.30pm and Years 5 and 6 Friday at 1.30pm.

  • If your child was accessing Fortis therapy support from Mrs Cassell these sessions are still going ahead either in school or virtually.


  • If your child was accessing speech and language with Miss Roberts, these will now be on a Thursday via Zoom.


  • If your child was accessing an intervention e.g. Thrive or fine motor skills packs have been sent out for your child to practise at home.


  • If your child was accessing Precision Teaching, instructions and resources for this intervention are included in the remote learning packs for you to do with your child at home.  This will also form part of the weekly online lessons.

If your child has been directed to use the learning activities from this section of the school website, please make sure that they still attend all their class zoom lessons where possible and email photographs of their work to their year group’s email account. It is vital to every child’s learning that their class teacher sees them and their work every day.

Please note that all children with a SEND plan will be reviewed before we break for the Easter holiday. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with school.


Many thanks,

Mrs Parkin


Oak Academy lessons are video sessions taught by teachers that children listen to and complete work for. Here is a block of ten English lessons all planned around the traditional story Monkey and the Hats. Click on the link below to start this series of lessons.

Monkeys and Hats: Oak National Academy

Phonics – Read Write Inc.

From Tuesday 5th January 2021, we will restart our free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on YouTube for children to watch at home.

One lesson at each level will show at 9.30 am each day and be available for 24 hours


High Frequency Words



Here are some Oak Academy video lessons to help children to practise their number skills and use them to solve problems. The first topic (Numbers within 100) has 15 sessions and children should aim to complete one session each day.

Numbers within 100 - Oak National Academy

The following units of work have been designed specifically for pupils with additional needs. Both units in each topic have four sessions making a total of eight sessions. Choose just the units that your child needs a little more practice with. 


**Some sessions have downloadable/printable resources - if you have no way of printing them at home, please let me know which resources you need and we will get them to



Shape and Sorting 1



Shape and Sorting 2



      Measurement 1


Measurement 2


Position and Direction 1


Position and Direction 2


   Money 1

Money 2


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills can include small movements such as:

  • holding a pencil correctly
  • using a pencil
  • scissor skills
  • pushing Lego blocks together (and pulling them apart)
  • manipulating play dough
  • getting dressed with belts, buttons, zippers and snaps
  • using cutlery while eating
  • opening and closing latches
  • technology/mouse manipulation


BBC Bitesize – online learning

Speech and Language Free vocabulary resources for home and school

If left to chance there is a risk that the school closures will contribute to a widening of the word gap between pupils.  In response to this Thinking and Talking have created two resources to support vocabulary learning at home. We know that everyone already has enough on their minds, so we have focused on games. That way children can still learn, but do so whilst having fun.


Other resources included on the next page: Further Resources

Visual timetables to help give a routine for your child.

Task Planners

Mental Well-being

Maths Packs

Home Learning Packs

100 square and Multiplication Square

Visual perception and discrimination exercises

Handwriting and letter formation sheets

High Frequency Words






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