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Pure Sounds

The use of Pure Sounds is essential for blending sounds together to read.

Read, Write, Inc Policy

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At Balby Central Primary we believe that your child’s love for reading and writing will unlock the gateway to their successful future. Therefore, we are committed to delivering the very best provision and opportunities for quality reading and writing.

‘Read Write Inc.’ (RWI), is an Ofsted recommended and highly acclaimed literacy programme which teaches children the ‘Simple View of Reading’, how letters and sounds in English are related (the alphabetic code). The children rapidly learn sounds and the letter or groups of letters they need to represent those sounds.

Children read well-written, lively phonic books which are closely matched to children’s increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words, so that they always experience plenty of success. Repeated readings of the texts support their increasingly fluent decoding. Children also develop the skills for comprehension through discussion of each story, helping them to both understand what they are reading and to build up their knowledge of how texts are structured.


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