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Reading at school

At Balby Central we want our children to become enthusiastic, engaged readers and to develop a life-long love of books.  We introduce the children to a range of good quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry books through our whole-class, core-text approach to teaching reading.

In the early stages of reading, we teach children to decode words using phonic skills as their main approach. Once grasped, the focus for developing reading is on understanding and comprehension.  Your children will read with their class teacher during whole class reading sessions.

Reading at home

Children who are in Read Write Inc groups will bring home levelled books (according to their stage of RWI they are on) and a book for them to share with people at home. Independent readers will bring home a self-selected book from their reading areas.  Please encourage your child to change their book regularly so they can read each evening; speak to the class teacher if this is not happening.

Your child should be reading at home for 15 minutes or more each day.  Your support is hugely important for developing their reading skills, confidence and understanding.  Even if your child is an independent reader, it is still important for you to read with them, listen to them and discuss the books they are reading.


Recommended Books 

Teachers from across the school have compiled a recommended reading list for all year groups from Nursery to Year 6 so that you are aware of the fantastic books that are available in both school and in the local libraries that will enhance your child’s vocabulary and widen their experiences through the art of fantastic story telling.

How to support developing readers at home:

Below you can find publications outlining how to support children with reading at home.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Questions to Develop Understanding:

Where/when does the story take place?

Who are the characters in the story?

What happens in this part of the story?

Tell me one/two things that the main character does in this part of the story?

Can you retell the story using your own words?

Tell me what this character was like?

Tell me the most interesting/ exciting/ funniest/ your favourite part of the story? Why?

What do you think the character feels about…? How can you tell?

What do you think would have happened if…?

What do you think is going to happen next?

Which part of this book did you like best/least?  Why?

How has the author used words/phrases to make this character funny/ sad/ clever/ frightening/ excited etc?

Why is … a good title for this story/book/chapter/play?

Do you know any more stories like this? Tell me how they are alike.

Do you know another story with similar characters in? Tell me how they are similar.

What do you think this story is trying to tell us?

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Non Fiction

Tell me two things you found out that you didn’t know before.

What does this part of the text tell us about ….?

Which part of the text tells us about …?

Why are some words in bold?

How does this text/ layout help the reader?

How does (a diagram/picture/caption) help you to understand the information on this page?

If you have any questions or would like any further support please speak to your child’s class teacher.



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