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Alongside phonics, we also teach the children how to spell from Year 1 onwards. We believe that learning to spell is an important tool for your child to use as an essential part of day-to-day life, as well as in their learning. We teach spelling using an investigative and collaborative approach, focusing on spelling patterns, prefixes and suffixes, knowledge of word origin and root words.

At the end of Year Two, children will have a spelling test and also at the end of Year Six. At Balby Central Primary, we use Spelling Shed to supplement the teaching of spellings. The Spelling Shed scheme is divided in to six stages, each stage corresponding to the respective school year. Within each stage there are weekly focused objectives and spelling lists that give a steady progression through the curriculum as well as review and challenge lists to extend vocabulary. Each week there is a list of spellings in the look-cover-write-check format. Teachers will also provide additional homework activities where they feel necessary.

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