Autumn 1

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 8:59pm

We have been very busy in Reception exploring our classroom and outdoor area.  

As part of our technology work we have been taking selfies using an ipad.  We had to hold the ipad, turn the camera to face us and press the correct button.  As well as all of this we had to make sure we showed our best smiles!  

We may have got wet but it was brilliant exploring capacity.  We looked at containers of different shapes and sizes, predicted which would hold the most water and investigated to see if we were right!

We have had such a lot of fun exploring our outdoor area.  We have used our imagination to turn the crates into a train and went on a journey to the beach, forest and lavender hills.  There have been many cakes baked and dinners cooked in the mud kitchen, we may get messy but we develop our motor skills, imagination and language at the same time.  We have been exploring the tubes rolling balls and cars and seeing how fast they go.

Look at how hard we have been concentrating to complete the jigsaw puzzles in the classroom.  We have worked together and looked carefully at the pieces to see where they go.  We have been very proud of ourselves when the puzzle is finished!

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