Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Cooke  Headteacher

Mrs Atkin Deputy Headteacher for Teaching and Learning, English, Assessment and Reporting

Miss Talbot  Assistant Headteacher for  Pupil Premium, Mental Health and Well Being 

Mrs Lakin  Assistant Headteacher for Safeguarding, Early Years Lead, Thrive 

Mrs Allison  Assistant Headteacher for Business & Staffing

Mrs Parkin Assistant Headteacher for SEND, Inclusion and Behaviour 

Mr Mynett  Maths Leader 

Mrs Hogarty Science and Computing Leader 

Mrs Hodgson PE Leader 

Mrs Harrison CEO Rose Learning Trust


Teaching and Learning Team

Mrs Gilson and Miss Jenkins  Nursery

Mr Smith Reception

Mrs Lakin  Reception

Miss Bouttell Year 1

Mrs Hodgson  Year 1

Miss Shaw  Year 2

Mr Short  Year 2

Mrs Drake Year 3

Mrs Hogarty Year 3

Miss Giddings  Year 4

Miss Wales  Year 4

Mr Mynett  Year 5

Mrs Rehman Year 5

Mr Snape Year 6

Miss Talbot Year 6

Miss Tweed Initial Teacher Training 

Mrs Parkin SEND Support 

Mrs Dawson Pupil, Planning and Preparation cover 


Miss Johnson  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Dixon  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Pemberton Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Bedford  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Butterfield Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Milnes Teaching Assistant

Miss Copley Teaching Assistant

Miss Hall  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Power  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Garity Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wakelin Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bell Teaching Assistant

Mrs Eames  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Atkinson Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rumley  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Malik Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rickwood  Thrive Practitioner and Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Kaur  Learning Support Assistant

Mrs McKinley Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Thirwell  Learning Support Assistant


Inclusion Team 

Mrs Slack  Educational Welfare Mentor

Mrs Wiltshire Child and Family Support Practitioner


Administrative Team 

Mrs Allison Business and Staffing Lead

Mrs Bradley Officer Manager 

Mrs Wright   Business Support Assistant and Lead First Aider

Miss Smith  Academy Receptionist

Miss Allison  Finance and Administration Assistant

Mrs Higgs General Assistant 


Site Management Team 

Mr Walsh Site Supervisor


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Barrass  Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Marsden Midday Supervisor

Mrs Baxter Midday Supervisor

Mrs Teale  Midday Supervisor

Mrs Tiscenko  Midday Supervisor

Miss Gayler Midday Supervisor 

Mrs Higgs Midday Supervisor

Miss Underwood Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hill Midday Supervisor

Mrs Thirlwell Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hudson Midday Supervisor


School Crossing

Mr Cullingworth  School Crossing Patrol

Balby Central Primary Academy

Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL

Balby Central Primary Academy, Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL


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