Residential Experiences

As well as the physical health benefits, school residential trips have been proven to have a positive effect on children's self esteem and confidence levels, improving their emotional health and well being. At Balby Central we pride ourselves on the offer for our children as progressive opportunities to visit new places, learn new skills and take part in a variety of experiences. Our aim is to make memories which last a life time! 

We encourage all children to experience these visits, where children choose to stay at school we offer an experience to complement the residential trip so they have opportunity to learn about different places and take part in activities with their peers adapted for a within school experience.  

Year 3 - The Great Outdoors Experience 

great O.JPGLearning in the great outdoors starts our experiences in Key Stage 2 with an evening in our Forest School environment for Year 3. During the Summer Term children have the opportunity to learn techniques using tools and implements with natural resources 

We will light a camp fire and of course have marsh mallows and hot chocolates! 

An experience not to be missed to explore our woodland area, learn to problem solve and have fun with their friends. 

We hold this experience in school to give children opportunity to make connections in their year group.

Year 4 - Kingswood 

We start our journey in Year 4 with a train journey at Doncaster train station, taking a short trip to Dearne Valley. The children learn how to use a train station, about train journeys and life skills how to manage their luggage and packing for an adventure! 

For two days the children experience team building, problem solving and individual challenges. The children stay for 2 nights in small room dormitories with their friends and learn about living with each other. 

Visit the link to find out more what is on offer for our children at the Kingswood Centre

Year 5 - The Lake District 

lakes.JPGIn Year 5 we try to give our children a new experience of the great outdoors with hill walking, visiting a contrasting location and new opportunities staying at a Youth Hostel. 

Our children will get the opportunity to work with others to map read, learn about the Lake District, a day of exploration with team building activiites and explore Derwent Lake. We contrast outdoor activites with evening entertainment and a treasure trail to learn about the history of a town. 

As we travel we learn the different ways to get around with different forms of transport. We also progress, with two nights away from our families for this experience learning new independent skills. 

A great experience! 



Year 6 - London 

london.JPGWe end our Balby Central residential journey with Year 6 and the opportunity to visit our capital city London!

We have a jam packed three days, staying at a Youth Hostel, map reading as we walk through the city, experiences using Tube Trains and enjoying the atmosphere and vibrancy the capital city brings. 

Our fun filled adventure includes visiting museums, seeing Buckingham Palace, a walk along the Southbank, Covent Garden, The London Eye Experience, Thames River Cruise, shopping for souvenirs and of course a trip to a West End Musical! 

We offer our children the chance to learn about the history of the capital city and its importance to our country, learning about buildings, landmarks, traditions and its population. 




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