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School Governors are the largest group of volunteers in the country who work closely with leaders in school for a period of 4 years from their appointment. Parent Governors are elected by parents of children in the school and are vital to a Governing Body because they are reresentatives of the parents and carers of our school community.

Governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to the school and the education of its children. They will contribute to the strategic direction of the school and the educational achievements of its pupils. A Governing Body’s overriding responsibility is to work in partnership with the Headteacher to promote continuous strategic improvement in the performance of the school. This involves the establishment of a development plan, the setting of challenging but achievable  targets and the interpretation of information to assess progress and determine appropriate action. Aligned to its improvement role, the Governing Body is there to be a ‘critical friend’ who will provide the right balance between supporting and challenging the performance of both the Headteacher and the school. The Governing Body will  hold the school to account for the standards and progress it achieves.  Governors take an active role in reviewing the Developing Excellence Plan, interviewing new members of the school team, performance management pay decisions and monitor how the budget is spent to provide value for money. 

Parent Governors are an important component in achieving an effective and well-balanced Governing Body. They are in a good position to understand the views of fellow parents but they are not required to carry out the wishes of the parent body, whatever these might be. Parent Governors are essentially representatives of the school’s parent community and have the same powers, duties and responsibilities as all other Governors. Any appointment as a Parent Governor on a Local  Governing Body is subject to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

We value the voluntary contribution made by our governors and recognise the importance of investing in training which includes safeguarding, induction for new governors, updates from Rose Learning Trust and The National Governance Association. Specific training is accessed for link govenror roles and the Chair of Governors attends termly meetings with chairs from other schools in the trust to ask and answer questions prior to each Local Govenring Body Meeting. Each governor completes a skill audit with their strengths, knowledge and experience to help shape Link Govenor Roles across the Governing Body. 

Get to know our Governors

Click on the 'Meet our Governors' page to find out more about each person including their role within the governing body, and their personal experiences.  

Details of our Local Governing Body structure

Chair and Vice Chair

Name of Chair  Date of Appointment  Date of Resignation 
Stephen Burnage  23.06.2021  
Name of Vice Chair  Date of Appointment  Date of Resignation 
Katy Parker  23.06.2021 23.02.2022
Rob Mellor  02.03.2022  

Local Governing Body


Appointed by:

Governor Board

Elected by school staff

Elected by parents

Category of Governor

Governor, Staff, parent

Term of Office


Term of Office


Date of Resignation
Emma Cooke Ex-officio Head teacher 01/09/2014    
Stephen Burnage Governing Body Governor 23/06/2021 22/06/2025  

Robert Mellor

Governing Body Governor 24/11/2021 24/11/2025  

Kaye Roe

Governing Body Governor 24/11/2021 24/11/2025  
Ian Straw Governing Body Governor 30/11/2020 29/11/2024  
Luke Liddle Governing Body Governor 30/11/2020 29/11/2024  
Katy Parker Parents Parent 26/06/2019 25/06/2023 23.02.2022

Sarah Heavey

Parents Governor 24/11/2021 24/11/2025  

Derry Drake

Staff Staff Governor 24/02/2021 23/02/2025  

Governors who have resigned over the last 12 months

Name Appointed by Category of Governor

Term of Office


Term of Office


Date of Resignation
Laura Talbot Staff Staff Governor 20/01/2017 19/01/2021 19/01/2021
Amanda Webster Governing Body Governor 08/11/2017 17/12/2020 17/12/2020
Hannah Freeman Governing Body Governor 13/06/2017 12/06/2021 12/06/2021
Niall Balmer Governing Body Governor 20/11/2021 10/11/2021 10/11/2021
Katy Parker  Parents Parent Governor 26/06/19 25/06/2023 23/02/2022

Declarations of Interest (to include governance roles in other educational institutions)


Date confirmed on Governor Hub




(i.e., Director, employee, governor)

Notes From To
Emma Cooke 12/11/2021 None        
Stephen Burnage 16/10/2021 None

I run an education training and consultancy business 


I am an examiner and lead trainer for CAIE


I am a lead inspector for British Council International schools



I offer  improvement services to schools across the UK and internationally.




















Katy Parker 02/12/2021 None        

Ian Straw 







Luke Liddle


Run the Independent Schools Cultural Alliance




Providing educational programmes for 12-17 year old students, most of who live outside the UK






Governor for local school 






Derry Drake






Niall Balmer  26/02/2021

Teaching Personnel


School Business Service





Supplier of education staffing to schools and academies.







Kaye Roe   





Sarah Heavey 20/12/2021





Rob Mellor 28/12/2021






Helen Wetherall



I am working for Chester Diocesan Academy Trust





 Attendance Record (2020-21)

Code Reference 
Y Attended
N Apologies Accepted
NA Apologies not accepted
NS Apologies not sent
N/A Not required

Full Governing Board

Governors invited













Attendance out of a possible

Steve Burnage  N/A Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Hannah Freeman Y Y N/A N/A N/A N/A 2/2
Rachel Hodkinson Y Y N/A N/A N/A N/A  2/2
Katy Parker  Y Y Y Y N/A N/A 4/4
Luke Liddle Y Y Y N Y Y 5/6
Ian Straw  N/A Y Y N Y Y 4/5
Derry Drake  N/A Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Niall Balmer N/A Y Y N/A N/A N/A 2/2
Laura Talbot Y N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1/1
Kaye Roe N/A  N/A N/A Observer Y N 2/3
Rob Mellor  N/A N/A N/A Observer Y Y 3/3
Sarah Heavey N/A N/A N/A Observer Y Y 3/4

 Audit and Risk Meeting

Governors invited

Date of Meeting


Date of Meeting


Date of Meeting


Attendance out of a possible
Hannah Freeman N N/A N/A 0/1
Rachel Hodkinson Y N/A N/A 0/1
Katy Parker  N Y N/A  1/1
Luke Liddle  Y N N 1/3
Niall Balmer  Y Y N/A 2/2
Stephen Burnage N/A Y N 1/2
Derry Drake  Y Y N 2/2
Rob Mellor N/A N/A Y 1/1
Sarah Heavey  N/A N/A Y 1/1
Kaye Roe  N/A N/A Y 1/1

Pay Committee Meeting

Governors invited

Date of Meeting


Date of Meeting


Date of Meeting


Attendance out of a possible
Hannah Freeman Y     1/1
Rachel Hodkinson Y     1/1
Steve Burnage  N/A Y   1/1
Luke Liddle  N/A Y   1/1
Ian Straw  N/A Y   1/1

2021-22 Dates 

Local Governing Body Meeting  
Autumn Term Wednesday 24th November 2021
Spring Term Wednesday 2nd March 2022
Summer Term Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Pay Committee  
Autumn Term  Wednesday 3rd November 2021
Audit and Risk Meeting  
Summer Term  Wednesday 27th April 2022
Summer Term  Wednesday 6th July 2022

Rose Learning Trust Governance and Finance 

Finance Information The Rose Learning Trust Financial Information

Role of Trustees and Governance Information  The Rose Learning Trust Governance

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