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We're all going on a summer holiday!

Date: 18th Jun 2022 @ 4:04pm

For the last 2 weeks, we have been talking and writing about holidays! We have thought about where you can go, by looking through holiday brocures and how to get there. The children have enjoyed pretending to be travel agents and we have been creating trains and planes in our outdoor area, using the crates. Lots of imagination has gone in to our work!

Is it magnetic?

Date: 17th Jun 2022 @ 7:19pm

Nursery children have experimented with different materials to explore which ones are magnetic and which aren't. After tryig to stick the magnet to the radiator with success they believed that magnets must stick to hard, smooth objects, however when they then attempted to stick the magnet to the wall they realised this must not be the case. The children explored the classroom and concluded that the objects that did stick to the magnet were all metal! 


Date: 26th May 2022 @ 2:36pm

Reception has been home to some caterpillars this half term. We watched them as they started as tiny caterpillars, grew bigger and bigger and finally wrapped themselves up in a cocoon. It seemed to take them a long time, but finally this week, they emerged as beautiful butterflies. We were able to watch one of them push itself out of its cocoon. Today, we all went outside and Mr Smith released them in to the wild. We were very excited to see them fly off.

Aliens in EYFS

Date: 21st May 2022 @ 7:44am

This term, we have been home to some alien eggs. Last week, we noticed that some of the eggs had started to crack. We kept them in a cozy nest and watched them carefully. To our surprise, the aliens hatched and we had a baby alien in the classroom. On Friday morning, we were surprised to find an alien spaceship in our sandpit! The children were very excited. At lunch time, the alien spaceship disappeared and they had taken their baby with them, but left the other eggs. The aliens left us a present of some rocket shaped biscuits as a thank you for looking after their babies.

The children were inspired by the alien experience and wrote letters, signs and painted pictures of them. They built houses for the aliens to live in and a rocket ship to follow the aliens to their home planet. We had lots of discussions about where the aliens came from, why the had left their eggs with us and where they are now. The children gathered all of the alien eggs together, put their letters to the aliens in with the eggs and left them in the sand pit for them to return to collect over the weekend.

Sharing in Maths

Date: 4th May 2022 @ 5:11pm

We have been investigating numbers up to 15. In this activity, we had a number between 11 and 15 and had to share them equally between 4 houses. The only rule was, that each house had to have at least one person living in it. We found so many ways of sharing out the numbers. We had lots of fun with this activity! 

Let's get physical!

Date: 4th May 2022 @ 5:08pm

We have had lots of fun getting physical in our outdoor space. We set up lots of different activities and games. Some children loved throwing beanbags at the huge tyre targets, some enjoyed the obstacle course and many played football, cricket and running races. Some children used the crates and tyres to make their own transformer! We have some new equipment coming to school soon, so we are looking forward to sharing that with you!


Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 4:12pm

Nursery children have had a very interesting week learning about planets and aliens. We have sang '5 little men in a flying saucer', made rocket ships to fly in to space using the big bricks outside, used our creative skills to make our own aliens and rockets and loved reading Julia Donaldson's The Smeds and The Smoos!

Year 5 seem to have hazy memories.

Date: 20th Apr 2022 @ 3:46pm

TNE Launch.jpg

World Maths day

Date: 25th Mar 2022 @ 9:15am

We celebrated World Maths Day with lots of different activities. The children investigated number, working in small groups to find objects of a given number. They looked at the different ways they could make the number, for example, 4 and 1 make 5, 3 and 2 make 5 and 5 and 0 make 5.

Then we read one of our favourite stories, going on a bear hunt. We went outside and acted out the story in our playground. As we were acting it out, we used different tools to measure the grass, mud, stream and forest. The children really enjoyed using the metre sticks and rulers, but also measuring using our cubes. After this, the children found other objects to measure from the playground. We had lots of fun! 

Jigsaw - Emergencies

Date: 23rd Mar 2022 @ 8:37pm

As part of their work in the 'Healthy Me' topic, Year 5 learnt how to put someone into the 'Recovery Position'.


World Maths Day 2022

Date: 23rd Mar 2022 @ 8:34pm

Year 5 loved taking part in World Maths Day 2022.

They applied reasoning and problem solving skills to a range of problems, learnt about growth mindset and had lots of fun!07AFCA0F-8CF5-49E2-8E1E-B08EF6FA3F9E.jpeg

Science Week

Date: 20th Mar 2022 @ 4:42pm

This week the children have enjoyed making Suet Balls to feed the birds. the children safely used a knife to cut off lumps of fat, they then used the warmth from their hands to melt and mould the fat and rolled it through the mixed seeds using their fine motor skills to squeeze all the seeds in! The children then chose spots around the Nursery playground to hang their balls from trees. We have used our excellent observation skills to watch out for any hungry birds!

Science Week 2022 Year 3

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 8:17pm

As part of Science Week, we have been developing our school area to encourage wildlife.  We’ve been hard at work preparing our flower beds and planting a range of trees and plants that we hope will attract lots of pollinators. 


Date: 7th Mar 2022 @ 1:23pm


3D models

Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 8:39pm

3D sculptures

Year 3 have created some beautiful 3D sculptures using gesso and a range of materials that were chosen due to their interesting shapes, height, and texture. We used metallic paint to create and antique finish which highlighted the finer details of each shape. 

Doncaster Stories

Date: 28th Feb 2022 @ 4:49pm

Collage 2022-02-28 16_27_21 (1).jpg

Opera North

Date: 28th Feb 2022 @ 4:47pm

Collage 2022-02-28 16_33_57 (1).jpg

Physical day in EYFS

Date: 27th Feb 2022 @ 2:34pm

On Friday, we had a wonderful time doing lots of different exercises. We talked about the importance of exercise and how it helps to keep our body healthy. Then we had lots of different activities to take part in. We had a huge obsticle course with hurdles, boxes to climb, a cargo net to crawl under and lots more. Some children played football, some used a catapult to throw and catch balls, some played with hoops and some skipped. We also had a tug-of-war and parachute games! It was a fantastic day and we were very lucky to have such lovely weather for it.

Amazing Art

Date: 22nd Feb 2022 @ 4:16pm

In Year 4 our art focus is still life drawing.  Today we have made our own viewfinders to aid our focus, we have created contour drawings of compositions and have sketeched the same compositions using a range of different mediums.

String printing

Date: 16th Feb 2022 @ 8:21pm

Year 5

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 9:40am

Extreme weather!

Date: 3rd Feb 2022 @ 5:04pm

The children have been learning about different types of weather.  We learnt about climates and the expected weather for a desert climate, an arctic climate and a tropical climate.  Then we focused on the extreme types of weather that may occur in these climates.

The Postman's Journey

Date: 3rd Feb 2022 @ 5:00pm

The children in Year 2 have been writing about the postman's journey from the book The Jolly Postman.  We have been trying to include adjectives and adverbs as well as using the senses to add more detail to our writing.

Telling the time!

Date: 3rd Feb 2022 @ 4:43pm

IMG_2692[1].JPGWe have been learning how to tell the time this week.  We looked at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times.  Some children even moved on to telling the time to 5 minutes!

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