Physical day in EYFS

Date: 27th Feb 2022 @ 2:34pm

On Friday, we had a wonderful time doing lots of different exercises. We talked about the importance of exercise and how it helps to keep our body healthy. Then we had lots of different activities to take part in. We had a huge obsticle course with hurdles, boxes to climb, a cargo net to crawl under and lots more. Some children played football, some used a catapult to throw and catch balls, some played with hoops and some skipped. We also had a tug-of-war and parachute games! It was a fantastic day and we were very lucky to have such lovely weather for it.

Balby Central Primary Academy

Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL

Balby Central Primary Academy, Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL


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