Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs G Lakin

Our early years setting follows the curriculum as outlined in the 2022 statutory framework of the EYFS. 

The EYFS framework includes 7 areas of learning and development that are equally important and inter-connected. However, 3 areas known as the prime areas are seen as particularly important for igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building children’s capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.  


The prime areas are: 

Communication and language 

Physical development 

Personal, social and emotional development  


The prime areas are strengthened and applied through 4 specific areas: 



Understanding the world 

Expressive arts and design 


The Characteristics of Effective Learning underpin our curriculum: 

playing and exploring children investigate and experience things, and have a go 

active learning children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties, and enjoy achievements 

creating and thinking critically children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas, and develop strategies for doing things


We provide high quality teaching and facilitate learning through exciting, firsthand experiences. Positive interactions between children and adults promoting confidence and self-esteem are used alongside structured activities for those children who are ready for them. We promote play and exploration stimulating and extending the curiosity of the child.  Adults act as facilitators to learning and play alongside and interact with children using high quality interactions and shared thinking.  


Children’s play reflects their wide ranging and varied interests and preoccupations. In their play children learn at their highest level. Play with peers is important for children’s development.  Play with adults allows for the modelling of expectations and language.   Through play our children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world. They practise and build ideas and learn how to control themselves and understand the need for rules. They have the opportunity to think creatively alongside other children as well as on their own. They communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems. They express fears or re-live anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations.  


Cognitive science tells us that working memory is limited and that cognitive load is too high is children are rushed through content. This limits the acquisition of long-term memory. Cognitive science also tells is that in order for children to become creative thinkers or have a greater depth of understanding they must first master the basics, which takes time.  In EYFS we work on mastering the basics and provide opportunities for children to repeat and apply their skills in different contexts through a stimulating, interesting and open-ended environment.  


As well as high quality work we celebrate children’s effort, perseverance and a demonstration of a desire to develop and learn.  

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