Leader of Music Ms Hudson Giddings

At Balby Central Primary Academy we perform like musicians.

We listen and appraise music after listening to it carefully to identify instruments, rhythm, dynamics and mood. We spend time evaluating how different sounds make us feel and how they link with perceived. We know in music that ideas are open to interpretation, there is no correct or incorrect in composition and performance. We are inspired by musical influencers and compose musical pieces following evaluation. We are really lucky to have outside agencies work with us to develop our music knowledge and understanding. We work with Rainbow Connections and The Music Hub throughout school.

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Music is a knowledge, skill and understanding based subject and at Balby Central we use that knowledge and apply it as best we can to other topics. We want children to know about the origins of music, gain a new an understanding of what music is and how it is composed, experience a range of instruments and experiment with sounds, rhythm, volume and mood. We encourage children to appreciate the music around them in the following ways: 

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Music Intent Statement

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How do we teach music?

Our Music curriculum is delivered through a series of modules from Charanga, which are deliberately spaced throughout the academic year, with opportunities to introduce varied musical genres. This approach enables staff to deepen pupil understanding and embed learning meaning they are the experts teaching children to be experts and instilling a love of learning for musical features.

Our curriculum maps clearly show how our curriculum delivers (introduces and revisits) the National Curriculum expectations for Music within and across year groups.  All Music modules are identified below and show the progressive nature of classroom teaching. 

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