Light and Shadow

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 7:49pm

This week, we have been learning all about light and shadow. We have been finding out how shadows are created by looking at them inside and outside the classroom. We learnt that shadows are created when you block light from its source (a word we have learnt this week). We have found out about natural (the sun, lightening, fire) and man made (torches, tablets, television) sources of light. We found that our shadows are really long in the playground because the sun is so low in the sky. We have made puppets and used torches to see their shadows in the classroom and in the dark dens.

Balby Central Primary Academy

Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL

Balby Central Primary Academy, Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL


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