Science experiment in Reception

Date: 7th Dec 2021 @ 3:29pm

We had great fun with our science this week. We set up a water chute and watched the water run down. Then, we tried to find a way to stop the water part way down, making a dam like a beaver makes. At first, we tried stones, but the water went through them. We tried using sticks, but the same thing happened. Next, we tired mud and sand, but the water washed it all away.

Then we had a great idea. Use all of the things we had found. We used stones first, then put the sticks. We packed the sand and mud in front of the sticks and stones to pack them in. When the water ran down, it stopped at the dam. Some went through, but a pool of water gathered at the top.

Balby Central Primary Academy

Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL

Balby Central Primary Academy, Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL


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