Year 6's superb science

Date: 1st Feb 2022 @ 3:12pm

Friction pictures for the blog.jpg

In science this half term, we have explored and investigated forces. The children have explored drag forces and investigated how items of different sizes and weight fall to the ground. Interstingly, the children found that the items hit the ground at the same time and were able to give and share amazing explanations of why this happens.


In the picture above you can see the children using newtonmetres to measure the force it takes to drag a shoe across a variety of different surfaces. They then went on to record and explain the results they got to the class. We compared the results with our classes to ensure we did not have any anomalies.  

Balby Central Primary Academy

Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL

Balby Central Primary Academy, Littlemoor Lane, Balby Doncaster DN4 0LL


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