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End of Summer Term

Date: 16th Jul 2021 @ 9:33am

As we come to the end of a summer term it is a time for reflection of the academic year and this feels very different again to other years. We have had a year where children have spent time back in the classroom and other times when we have all learned new skills with remote education. We have put systems and processes in place that we have never had to consider before. The way in which everyone in our school community has supported what we have to do is commendable. Thank you to you as parents and carers for your support with the measures that we have needed to take together to prevent and reduce the infections rate of Covid-19.  We appreciate how you have adapted, been responsive and it is a time to celebrate the strength shown by the Balby Central community.

This week you received your child’s school report which shared your individual child’s achievements, their strengths and how they work with their peers. We hope that you have had chance to read the report, discuss it with your child and reflect on their learning. It was lovely to read the comments made by the teachers and to know how well our children follow Ready, Respectful, Safe behaviours. Please complete the online form to give school some feedback as this helps us for the academic year ahead.

Across school our children have really embraced their learning this term both in the classroom, through their paper packs, information on the website and through the live lessons. We have worked hard to ensure that children can access the same curriculum both in the classroom and at home and our children have produced some amazing pieces of work. Even though some of the classrooms have looked a little different, children have shown great resilience to keep momentum with their learning and continue to be the best they can be.

We have welcomed a range of sporting visitors to school including rugby players Watson Boas and then Jason Robinson OBE the England rugby league and rugby union footballer. Northern Ballet have made their annual visit to school talent spotting and we were proud to say a selection of children were given the opportunity for further work with the company. Other visitors have included Clancy Biggs Cycling Academy, ACMAC Martial Arts, JR Sports and Peglers have donated lots of sports equipment for our children to use, thank you Peglers. Key Stage One and Two were still able to visit Keepmoat Athletic Stadium for our annual sports days with great events including long jump, hurdles, sprints, javelin and the experience of using sporting facilities in our local area. Year 6 were also able to take part in Crucial Crew, understanding their responsibilities as a young person, learning from different emergency services and problem solving with real life situation. We have also welcomed the school nursing team in school to deliver health sessions in classes, immunisations, health checks and offer advice to families. The school team and children have continued to work with our Evolve Health Mentor, The Mental Health Trailblazer Team and Fortis for Trauma Informed Approaches to support our children. Their contribution has supported many children across school and we look forward to continuing our programmes next academic year.  

We were excited to continue to work with Doncaster Stories with a group of children being filmed to talk about reading at school and also many children completed their reading miles marked out on their map around Doncaster. Reading is a key priority across the school and we hope that children will continue to have read some great books over the holidays.

As your children break up for the summer holidays, we wish everyone a happy, safe and fun summer. There is lots going on in Doncaster with their Staycation programme and a real variety of activities planned, booking is essential to reserve a place for children of all ages.  

We are excited for the next academic year with lots of exciting curriculum opportunities ahead. As our youngest children start to move to their next year group we look forward to welcoming our new starters come to join the Balby Central community. Our Year 6 children leave us today ready for their next journey as they move to secondary school, they are a fantastic group of children and on behalf of all the Balby Central Team we wish them all the very best in their futures. They have been a great asset to the school and we will miss them. We hope we will hear of their success stories, as we know there will be many. Good luck to each and every one of them and well done for your resilience, energy, determination and enthusiasm.

We wish all of our families and the Balby Central community a wonderful summer, keep safe, take care and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in school next academic year

Mrs Cooke

Autumn Second Half Term 2020

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 2:14pm

We have now closed for the Christmas holidays and on behalf of all the staff in school I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and we hope that everyone stays safe and well during this time. There were many excited faces to see snow, and Santa waiting to greet everyone in his grotto this week. Our younger children loved hearing the stories Santa shared with them which really brought the magic of this time of year. 

If you are an active user of Twitter you will see we have been adding lots of examples of learning. You can see the Twitter feed on the school website to keep you updated with how we share information wider than the school community. Please follow us @Balbycentral to find out more. Next term we will have regular posts on Twitter so please look out for us. 

We were delighted to be part of the Rose Learning Trust fund raising appeal, take a look at Rainbows Bereavement Support's website for more information about how all the schools in The Rose Learning Trust have helped support their charity. 

This term we have many areas to celebrate and our children again have made us proud of their achievements showing resilience in how they work, build on previous learning and show the progress they have made. Please have a look at the class blog section on the website to find out more information. Our younger children have worked very hard on their phonics and we are proud of their achievements. Children have contiuned to enjoy reading their class books and link text. There has been some excellent writing this term, inspired by lots of different areas including our work with Doncaster Stories.

Our inclusion team continue to support families and children in many different ways, this half term as an example we launched our slow cooker programme and we have received postiive feedback and photos of soup, rice pudding and other delights. We are feeling very proud of our attendance this term at 95.1% we continue to improve. The team will be sending out further information in January with our next challenges and how we can support families to ensure good attendance. 

We have been sad to see Mrs Rumley leave us this week. She has worked at Balby Central for 35 years and has so many memories of her time at Balby Central. We will all miss her greatly and wish her a very happy retirement. She has helped many children with their learning, school visits, productions, reading and to learn new skills. Miss Tweed has also left us, however it will only be for a term to work in another school. She will be back with Year 6 after the Easter Break. We will also be welcoming Miss Fitzpatrick to the team in January who will be working closely with classes in Key Stage 2 to support with English and help children in their learning. 

We are delighted to welcome three new governors to the governing body who will be introducing themselves to you next term. Please take a moment to read the blog from our Chair of Governors Hannah Freeman for a more information about the work of the Governing Body this term. 

Next term we will be ready for any updates from the Government so please keep an eye out for communication from school towards the end of the school holiday. 

Enjoy the time in your families and we will look forward to seeing the children back safe and well in school on Monday 4th January. 

Take care everyone 

Mrs Cooke 

Autumn First Half Term 2020

Date: 2nd Nov 2020 @ 12:00pm

Welcome to my first blog on our new school website! We will also be welcoming communication from our school governing body and from class teachers as they share news about children’s learning.    

It has been a challenging start to the new academic year, yet one filled with much celebration for the achievements across school. I cannot describe how proud we have all been to see such resilience from our children in all year groups. They have settled well into their new classes, adapted to change in their environments, followed new routines, developed new skills and recalled knowledge from previous learning. Last half term certainly felt fast paced and the learning environments around school certainly reflect the hard work from the children. Reading has been a real priority with Read Write Inc well established for our younger readers. Children are really engaged in learning sounds, reading books, and writing with care. Further up school children have enjoyed books including Put Out the Light, Flat Stanley and Granny exploring other texts linked to subjects and learning.  

Learners in Early Years settled so quickly to full time education, discovering, and exploring both in their classroom environment and in the outdoor area. Each morning I am welcomed with a very cheery good morning, as they learn to use sign language and start their learning together. It is exciting to see their confidence grow each day. Over the half term Mr Walsh has added a mud kitchen for children to explore in the Early Years environment with their new garden area.  

Training for staff has focused on reading, behaviour approaches, high expectations and how to sequence learning in small steps; all key areas in our plan for excellence at Balby Central. We have also welcomed new staff in school and specialist provision including a trained therapist, a speech and language therapist and mental health workers.  

New ways of working have seen great improvements too, from 66% wearing PE kits in Spring 2020 to nearly 100% wearing PE clothing.  Our half term heroes saw 279 children with 100% attendance in October and overall attendance for the first half term was 94.9% with 97.1% attendance on our best day. We are looking forward to seeing the results of Never Late November as we return to school. A team in school are available to support any family with attendance and routines and have seen some real success stories.  

The support of families in our community helped us to raise a staggering £215.40 on ‘Wear Yellow Day’ for Mental Health Awareness. Staff wore pink at the end of half term and raised £78 for Breast Cancer Awareness; two great charities to support.  

To end the first half term parents have received a report from their child’s teacher to share progress and their half term achievements, with follow up phone calls with the class teachers to discuss these further. As we move to the next half term, we look forward to sharing achievements from each year group. Each team has shared their best bits from the first half term, enjoy finding out a little bit more about children across school.  

Nursery (Miss Jenkins and Mrs Gilson) 

In Nursery we have been very impressed by the maturity of the children whilst problem solving, the children are discussing and finding ways to work together. We have also been very impressed with the children's independence, they are keen to put on their own coats, hats etc and look after themselves! The children have shown real enthusiasm towards maths, joining in with counting activities and participating in maths meetings.

Reception (Mrs Lakin and Mr Smith) 

In Reception we have been really impressed with how well the children have settled straight into full time school they have shown great resilience, determination and a desire to investigate and learn. The children have formed friendships and created bonds with each other and the adults in the setting, collaborating well to learn through continuous provision. Language development has been great - some children who were not talking at all are now answering the register and talking to their friends in provision. Children are developing their ability to talk in full sentences and using their story language in play. 

Year 1 (Mrs Hodgson and Miss Bouttell) 

Year 1 have really enjoyed our new five-day timetable for reading a story! They are fully engaged with all elements of the plan, especially the role-play when they can become the characters. Children have been trying very hard to be more independent and use their talk partners to help progress their learning. We were impressed with how the children engaged with learning about Mary Seacole and Barack Obama as part of Black History Month, asking many questions and showing great interest in the lives of significant people.

Year 2 (Miss Shaw and Mr Short) 

We are really pleased with the children's retention of phonics and proud of their results in recent phonic testing. The quality of the children's work in art has been amazing! From the very first week the children have produced some fantastic artwork using a wide range of skills such as painting, hatching stippling and collage. The fact that the children settled in so quickly after a lengthy time away from school has been very impressive, including how mature and sensible the children have been following our new school rules. 

Year 3 (Mrs Drake and Mrs Hogarty) 

From the first day of term, the children in Year 3 have been really enthusiastic and ready to learn. They have really enjoyed finding out about The Stone age and Flat Stanley. They have approached challenges with confidence and determination to succeed - particularly with their weaving. Each morning there are lots of smiley face at the door and children are consistently displaying 'ready, respectful, safe', trying hard with our learning superpowers too. It is lovely to see them making friends within their new classes as well as maintaining previous friendships. Finally, we are proud of how Year 3 have settled back in to school life and we cannot wait to see the amazing work they will create next term. They have already shown wonderful progress this year - really aiming to be the best that they can be. 

Year 4 (Miss Giddings and Miss Wales) 

Children in Year 4 have worked hard to settle back into school life that is a little different to what they remember. They have moved into a brand-new year group, with new teachers and support staff, in an environment that is not like any they have ever seen. Our own superheroes have shown their own skills in many ways since they started back to school. They have shown a great love for stories and have thoroughly enjoyed our first story, showing a real keenness to read and understand further. We are excited to see what our children produce as they come back next half term, with the same energy and drive to try their very best.  

Year 5 (Mr Mynett and Mrs Rehman) 

Year 5 have shown great energy and enthusiasm in the classroom, desperate to showcase their ideas, knowledge and learning. They have worked hard to meet the targets that we have set for them: collaborating with each other, being "ready" for learning and being independent. Children showed great attitudes towards our book: they have been fully immersed in their learning and produced some superb pieces of writing! It has been a pleasure to see how much they have enjoyed 'Put Out the Light'. We have also been so impressed with the maturity, integrity, and respect that all the children showed towards Black History Month and in the incredible poems that they wrote to mark the occasion. 

Year 6 (Miss Talbot and Mr Snape) 

In Year 6 we have been impressed with attitudes as children have returned to school. They have shown a great maturity and resilience to learning. They have shown determination when we have set them a challenge and they have worked incredibly well as part of a team. Granny Day was a great success, with some amazing costumes! We were even more amazed at their acting skills! Who knew so many Grannies and Grandads taking part in Olympic Games would be so incredibly funny to watch and so real! The day was a great success and a fabulous way to launch our book. We cannot wait for the next half term to see the progress the children make! What an exciting year it will be!

Mrs Cooke

Balby Central Primary Academy

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