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Brilliant Biomes

Date: 22nd Nov 2020 @ 4:35pm

Brilliant Biomes 


As part of our work on the many biomes over the world, this week Year 6 have been focusing on The Tropical Rainforest. 

We looked at the features of a rainforest, the locations where they might be found, the animals we might see and of course the many layers it has. We loved learning about this as ir gave us some background knowledge about the Amazon Jungle which is where our class text ‘The Explorer’ is set.

We were then very excited to make our own biomes in a jar- this is called a terrarium. To do this we used stones, charcoal to filter the water, moss, some soil and of course a tropical plant. We finished with a spritz of water to help the 'water cycle' take place. This should hopefully mean that now our lid is on our jar it will create its own climate and it will not need watering again! 

A few weeks ago we also learnt about the chaparral biome. So because we had so much fun we decided to make an open terrarium using slightly different materials. We used sand to mirror the terrain in the desert and used plants that grow naturally in this climate- cacti!

Have a look at our terrariums below.




The Explorer Descriptive Writing

Date: 15th Nov 2020 @ 3:25pm

The Explorer

Katherine Rundell 


We may have only just started reading our new novel study book, but we are already completly engrossed with the story. This week we have focused on producing some incredible pieces of descriptive writing. In class, we have looked carefully at vocabulary, sentence types and how we can create clear images in the readers head. Have a look at some of the writing we have produced below. 


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