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Science Week 2022 Year 3

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 8:17pm

As part of Science Week, we have been developing our school area to encourage wildlife.  We’ve been hard at work preparing our flower beds and planting a range of trees and plants that we hope will attract lots of pollinators. 

3D models

Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 8:39pm

3D sculptures

Year 3 have created some beautiful 3D sculptures using gesso and a range of materials that were chosen due to their interesting shapes, height, and texture. We used metallic paint to create and antique finish which highlighted the finer details of each shape. 

String printing

Date: 16th Feb 2022 @ 8:21pm

Wintery wonderland

Date: 14th Jan 2022 @ 10:16am

With a lot of resilience, determination and skill , our fabulous Year 3's created beautiful , wintery landscape pictures that are worthy of being framed! 

Not your average pet!

Date: 14th Jan 2022 @ 10:04am

We have travelled back in time to the Stone Age! We are keen to learn all about how life was different during this period, from the way they lived to how they spent time their time. Take a peek at some of our cave drawings that were created during our launch! Some are very realistic despite the limited resources that the children were given to use. 

Our tortoise tables

Date: 9th Dec 2021 @ 8:06pm

After researching, designing and constructing our own tortoise tables, we are starting to add the finishing touches. We have created homes that are fit for even the pickiest tortoise. 

Movie makers part 2!

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 4:44pm

Movie creators in the making

Date: 17th Nov 2021 @ 2:23pm

We are learning about how animations are created. In preparation for shooting our own mini-films, we have created moving images using a multiple frames.  

Cross Stitching

Date: 17th Nov 2021 @ 2:12pm

We have completed our crown cross stiches. I'm sure you'll agree that these look fabulous!

It took some real determination and skills practise to create each cross but it was well worth the perserverance.


Flat Stanley

Date: 4th Oct 2021 @ 9:01pm

Our book this half term is Flat Stanley. We've been following him on his unique journey which is proving very exciting. Here is a small sample of the letters that we wrote as Stanley to Mr Dart and our beautiful kites that we created during our launch day. 

Eye Spy with my little eye....

Date: 4th Oct 2021 @ 8:51pm

Eye Spy with my little eye....many incredible sketches! We took our time to really perfect and master our sketching techniques. I'm sure you'll agree that these drawings are very life-like! 

We've been learning to cross-stitch, in Year 3!

Date: 4th Oct 2021 @ 8:16pm


sewing needle.jpg

  As part of our art lessons, we have been tasked with learning how to

 cross-stitch! It is not an easy task but you will see that we have made fantastic progress already.  We are now able to thread our own small needles and create patterns with crosses in our Binca fabric. Please pop back soon to see our finished articles! 

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